Selena Gomez Plays Doubles In EXCLUSIVE 'Monte Carlo' DVD Featurette

We were already very much enjoying the hand dealt to us by the fun film "Monte Carlo"—featuring lush Parisian landscapes, a plethora of sexy European gentlemen, and not one, but two Selena Gomez-es. (Or is it Gomii?) But now, just in time for tomorrow's release of the movie on DVD and Blu-ray, we've got another reason to get giddy about this cinematic case of mistaken identity: an EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes featurette showing exactly how Selena made her backstage switcheroo from one role (as a casual American summerer) to the other (as a sophisticated English socialite.) Hint: cowboy boots, scarlet nail polish and a ubiquitous updo are involved.

Selena's double-sided performance makes up the backbone of the movie, also starring Katie Cassidy and Leighton Meester, about a trio of friends whose post-graduation jaunt to Paris turns into a wild misadventure in exotic Monte Carlo. (Apparently, being a dead ringer for a bratty British heiress has its advantages...for instance, being invited to all the good parties and getting a free, giant diamond necklace to wear while you're there.) And after getting this sneak peek at Selena's transformation—not to mention that shaggy-haired hottie with the unplaceable accent—we'll definitely be queuing this one up for the weekend.

Which Selena do you like better: casual boots-wearing Selena, or snooty updo Selena? Are you a fan of "Monte Carlo"? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!