'Twilight' TV Spots: What's New In 'Breaking Dawn' Clips?

Breaking Dawn TV spotsIt's a scrap, but we'll take it: Fandango has scored a new teaser for "Breaking Dawn," and there are, like, three entire moments in this sneak peek at the final chapter of "The Twilight Saga" that were not in the previous trailers! Including some seriously cute interaction between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart which we had not seen before! And which we have just watched for the very first time, ever!

Yep, it's a good day. But since the new stuff is so teensy and fleeting that you can easily miss it if you blink, cough or choose the wrong moment to eat a Cheeto (those things are SO CRUNCHY), we've gone ahead and made a useful list of these three never-before-seen moments, to keep your eyes peeled for while you watch.

1. A new line! "It's not too late change your mind," says Edward—presumably referring to Bella's decision to marry him. (That's nice, Eddie, but I don't think she'll take you up on it.)

2. Another new line! It's Edward again, this time in his wedding tux, joking, "Oh, what's a wedding without some drama?"

3. WOLVES! It's just a snippet, but there's definitely a pack of furry shapeshifters rampaging through the trailer.

Of course, because we are devoted to bringing you any and every new bit of news about "Breaking Dawn," we will be spending the next several hours watching this new trailer frame by frame until we can recite the whole thing by heart. For you. You're welcome.

(FYI: Another TV spot also premiered today on movietickets.com, though it has even less new footage.)