'Chelsea Settles' Premieres Tonight: 5 Things We Expect From The Series

by Lauren Kearney

Meet a new kind of TV heroine. Meet Chelsea Settles.

In a society where bullying and self-esteem issues are becoming more and more prominent, it's as if the world no longer needs Batman or Spider-Man, but someone real; someone who understands. And that person may just be Chelsea. Chelsea struggles with problems that many of us face every day; appearance, identity and the future. In her new MTV series, "Chelsea Settles," airing tonight at 11/10C, we'll follow this small-town girl in her quest to overcome these obstacles and land her dream job in Los Angeles.

In light of the series premiere, here are five things we expect from "Chelsea Settles":

1. Inspiration

Chelsea is a true example of perseverance and determination. She battles through her insecurities, thoughts of her ailing mother and her greatest fears to accomplish her goal. Having someone to look up to helps us realize that all things are possible.

2. Understanding

Many of us struggle with similar issues to Chelsea; insecurities, fears regarding our future and wondering how we will ever make it out alive. Through shows like "Chelsea Settles," we realize we're not alone. Sometimes having someone who understands makes all the difference.

3. Hope

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. And by working hard and remaining positive, things will work out the way they should in the end.

4. A Wake-Up Call

We are all well aware of the seriousness of bullying and how the epidemic is spreading. Maybe a show like this will open the eyes of many bullies to how their words and actions affect their victims and give them a better understanding of what their victims go through on a daily basis.

5. Happy Ending?

We sure are rooting for Chelsea! And who knows? Maybe all of her hard work will pay off. But either way, we are sure Chelsea’s life has changed for the better through this experience, no matter what the outcome may be.

Click play on the video above to watch the "Chelsea Settles" trailer, and be sure to tune in tonight at 11/10C on MTV!

Will you be watching "Chelsea Settles"?