'Hunger Games' FIRST LOOK: Ride Along As We Reveal District 6 Seal!

Hunger Games District 6 sealDistrict 6: Your wait is over! The Capitol has finally unlocked the official seal for your area and issued yours truly a very official-looking District Identification Pass with all of my credentials. Does this beat a press pass? I think so...

To be sure, not much is known about the sixth district in Suzanne Collins' "Hunger Games" trilogy beyond the smatterings we hear in "Catching Fire" (and that whole cannibalism thing...), but this seal does confirm that the area's chief industry is transportation. So you can thank all of us District 6ers for helping shuttle unwitting tributes to the Games! Or not...

Check out the seal and badge after the jump!

So far, seals and District Identification Passes have been released for Districts 1 (luxury), District 2 (masonry), District 3 (technology), District 4 (fishing), District 5 (power), District 7 (lumber), District 8 (textiles), District 9 (grain), District 11 (agriculture) and District 12 (mining). You can check them all out by clicking on the District 6 seal below.

If you haven't yet identified yourself, you should definitely do so now at thecapitol.pn (you wouldn't want President Snow himself coming after you), and if you're a proud member of District 6, head on over to the official Facebook page to get your badge!

Which district are you in? Have you gotten your badge yet? How excited are you for "The Hunger Games" movie? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!