Julia Roberts, Lily Collins Sparkle In First 'Snow White' Stills

Fairy tale fans, throw your hands up! The first set of stills from the still-untitled 2012 "Snow White" fantasy flick has hit the web, and they are fantabulous.

The pics, which have cropped up on Entertainment Weekly, Yahoo!, and People offer a long-awaited sneak peek at Lily Collins as the pretty, pretty princess and Julia Roberts as the hot evil witch—plus a good look at Armie Hammer as the handsome prince and a host of small actors as the famous dwarves. But it's the leading ladies who steal the show in these photos, with costumes so deliciously whimsical that, if nothing else, we'll be checking out this movie strictly to ogle the clothes.

We're especially loving Julia Roberts in this extravagant orange gown, looking every inch the haughty monarch on a throne shaped like a giant croissant. And that smirk! Let's just say that anyone who doubted the ability of America's Sweetheart to play a conniving, beautiful beyotch can go chow on a poisoned apple.

Also among the photos: this very interesting shot of Snow White in a befeathered ballgown, complete with the most remarkable hat we've ever seen. If there's one thing we've learned from fashion faux pas of the past, it's that an outfit which includes an anatomically correct swan head is difficult to pull off (Bjork's Oscar dress, anyone?)...but as swan-related millinery goes, this one is really quite lovely.

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