Ryan Gosling: Our Twitter Intervention

Here at Hollywood Crush, we don't just write about celebrities; we really care about them! We believe in them, we want them to do well and we always try to help them on their way to being the very best celebrities they can be.

Which is why it was so very necessary to have this tough love sit-down with Ryan Gosling, who MTV News' Josh Horowitz cornered in an interview with some Real Talk about his little...well, Twitter problem. Namely, why he can't get it together to use it and not suck. (Sorry, dude, but it's for your own good.)

Ryan started out by joking—"Is this an intervention?"—but quickly owns up to his shortcomings in the 140-character-missives department, admitting, "I know... you're right. I'm glad you said something."

Well, good! 'Cause, you know, acknowledging that you have a problem is the first step toward getting your life back. Unfortunately, Ryan seems unsure about where to go from here.

"I don't want to just...tweet. Nobody cares," he mused, then suddenly went to extremes: "Well, you're right. I'm gonna figure it out. Should I just close it down?"

Noooooooo! NOOOOOO! Okay, that is not what we had in mind at all. But after a little bit of back and forth, the source of Ryan's insecurity became clear: His confidence has been stolen by the wily impersonator who used to own the @RyanGosling handle, such that when the real Ryan took it over, he managed only a paltry dozen or so tweets before throwing in the towel.

"There was a guy who was being me," he explained. "But he was tweeting the worst stuff, like, 'Oh, tacos'... So I got my Twitter back, and I started tweeting. And everybody left my account because they were like, 'That guy was way funnier than you.'"

Oh, man. That's the saddest thing we've ever heard.

And, Ryan added, "He's a better me than me."

...Okay, no, wait: that's the saddest thing we've ever heard. And clearly, Ryan just needs some confidence-boosting support from the online community to get back on his Twitter-feet. Want to see him come back to the fold? Start throwing him some love at @RyanGosling!

Are you desperate for Ryan to come back to Twitter?