'Glee' Recap: 'Asian F'

GleeAre you exhausted? Because I am! That was a jam-packed episode of "Glee" if I ever saw one. So many different stories involving pretty much everyone on show. With the season's third episode, it's clearer than ever that the writers are putting the focus back on the characters and less on who's dating who. For those of you keeping track at home, we've gone three weeks and no one has switched romantic partners. A new "Glee" record! Let's not waste any more time.

Mike Chang sang! Mike Chang sang! Mick Chang sang!

Phew... Now that I've gotten that out of my system, we can actually talk with our inside voices about the episode.

So, Mike Chang finally showed us all that he's got the singing chops to at least hang with the rest of New Directions. What did you think of the dancing man's pipes? Was it worth the wait? Not only did Mike give us a pretty sweet rendition of "Cool" from "West Side Story"—they are really going for it with all the Broadway songs this season—but he even joined in on "It's All Over," but more about that later. Aside from his big singing debut, Mike got a full-fledged storyline featuring both of his parents and that dreaded "Asian F" in chemistry (an actual A-). Mike's dad was concerned about his son's chances of getting into Harvard, one of the three English phrases his grandmother knew, and how glee might hurt his odds. Mike's going to have to choose between his passion for dancing (glee and the musical) and getting into Harvard.

You just knew a good scene was coming when Mike spied a ballet barre and he took off his jacket. The show tried something a little different with Mike dancing alone and battling conflicting visions of his father, who told him to focus on school, and Tina, who loves him for his dancing and who showed off her vampire skills again. Mike ultimately decided to try out for "West Side Story," where he auditioned with "Cool" and got the part.

But the part of Riff is only one of many parts in "West Side Story," and a lot of the episode dealt with filling out those roles.

After Blaine wowed the judges last week, we still didn't know whether Tony was going to Kurt or his beau. Was the theater drama going to tear the lovebirds apart? Thankfully, we were treated to a sweet scene of the boys on the steps talking about the part. Kurt said that his mole inside the office claimed Blaine had it in the bag, but "Jimmy Fallon's butch daughter" couldn't be happier for him. A sweet sentiment, but there were signs of trouble after the list went up, confirming the rumors. I didn't like the look on Kurt's face. There's some jealousy there, and we've only just begun to see it.

Mr. Schue's relationship with Emma took one step forward this week and two massive racist steps back. After finding a collection of bridal magazines and a hilarious personalized autograph from Vera Wang hidden in the pantry, Will admitted to Emma that he was thinking about marriage too and wanted to meet her parents. Emma wasn't so hot on the idea and pushed Will away from the topic. But Mr. Schue is not one to just let things go. He took the initiative to invite the Pillsburys over for a charming, candle-lit dinner. You've got to give it to Will. When you invite your potential in-laws over, you never expect them to be ginger supremacists (maybe the funniest joke this season). The disastrous dinner led to a breakdown and a surprisingly tragic and moving rendition of Coldplay's "Fix You."

Having left her precious unicorn behind, Brittany S. Pierce (as we were happily reminded) threw her campaign for class president into full swing with a little help from Beyoncé's "Run the World (Girls)" and a gymnasium full of dancing girls. (I thought Mercedes had a monopoly on Beyoncé?!) Brittany looks like she's the candidate to beat now. Kurt's lead could be fading, and Rachel may or may not join the race. If you ask me, the race is wide open.

An entirely different race also took place this week, but it only came down to two people: Mercedes and Rachel for the role of Maria. Mercedes, empowered by her new boyfriend, Shane (he'll always be Tinker from "Friday Night Lights" to me), decided she's done living under Rachel's "Spotlight" and went all out for the lead in the musical. She wowed the judges in her audition, forcing a call back.

Rachel seemed naively confident that she'd land the role, but Mercedes did her best to dash those dreams. When both girls nailed the second audition, the musical directors decide to double cast Maria, so that everyone would win. (Sounds like they took a pointer from "The Glee Project.") Mercedes wasn't having that and quit the musical, deciding that "It's All Over" with New Directions. The last we saw of Mercedes, she was approaching Shelby to join the new glee club. Traitor, much?

Check out Jim Cantiello's hilarious musical "Glee"-cap below!

So what did you think of the episode? Is Mercedes really out of New Directions for good? Who's taking the class president election? Can Kurt and Blaine stay strong? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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