Nina Dobrev Teases Even 'Bigger, Badder' Villain Coming To 'Vampire Diaries'

It seems "Vampire Diaries" fans don't want to end the affair just yet.

Many avid watchers are calling last week's episode one of the best ever, and I won't disagree. "The End of the Affair" was bursting with the kind of jaw-dropping, twisty revelations we've come to expect from The CW series, but we're thinking even the most fanatical followers didn't see this coming: Klaus running from a foe even more villainous than himself! What makes the biggest, baddest, original-est vampire out there quiver? We went straight to star Nina Dobrev, who was in town promoting Puma's Project Pink initiative, for the answer.

"Do you guys remember when Damon was the big, bad vampire, and then Katherine came and trumped him and stepped on his toes? Then Klaus came and made me look like I was a mouse comparatively? And now, apparently, there's someone even bigger and badder than Klaus. And I just found out now, I as Nina, just found out who that is," Nina revealed. "But the audience, if that gives you any hint, will not find out for a little while."

Shucks! We were never good at the waiting game. Thankfully, however, Nina dished an additional tidbit that may just make the wait worth it.

"He's big, bad and scary, and like every other person on The CW, is very attractive." we have room in our hearts for another unbelievably good-looking baddie? What are we saying? OF COURSE WE DO!

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