Style Superstar: Lily Collins Shows Us It's Good To Be Bad

Sometimes, the badder you are, the better you look. Don't believe us? Just ask this week's Style Superstars, who eschewed all things frilly and innocent at their respective movie premieres and rocked a pair of looks inspired by Hollywood's vampiest villainesses. Which fairy-tale heroine sported duds worthy of a sexy evil step-mama? And whose bad-girl style went just a tad too far for comfort? Check it!

Taylor Lautner might be headlining his first non-"Twilight" feature film "Abduction," but it's pretty little Lily Collins who stole the style scene at the film's premiere. This week's Style Superstar was decked out in a sleek Chanel peplum dress in deep blue-black taffeta, paired with high patent heels and sported minimal makeup beneath those signature dark dramatic brows. And while Lily will be playing Snow White in an upcoming adaptation of the classic fairytale, this look is straight from the closet of her evil archnemesis: sultry, sophisticated and so pretty it's poisonous.

Meanwhile, Evan Rachel Wood showed up to the "Ides of March" premiere in a tuxedo—and, more importantly, looking eerily identical to Glenn Close in her famous "Fatal Attraction" role as a home-wrecking psycho-dame. Seriously, it's uncanny. And while we're certainly glad that Evan has ditched the Dita von Teese retro-copycat look in favor of a more original aesthetic, and while we love a bunny-boiling villain as much as the next gal, this getup looks almost costumey in its 1980s-ness... not to mention that it's making us super-worried as to the safety of our pet rabbit. (Mister Hoppypants? OMG, WHERE ARE YOU?)

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Do you dig these so-bad-they're-good style choices?