'50/50' Star Anna Kendrick Can't Avoid 'Twilight' Talk In Latest After Hours

Emily Post could dedicate an entire tome to the etiquette of interviewing celebrities. There are so many unspoken rules! Like, if you're having a pleasant chit-chat with Ryan Gosling, you should not offer to bare his children. Or, if you're sitting down with George Clooney, never ask to play doctor. And if you're interviewing Anna Kendrick about "50/50," you shouldn't submit only "Twilight" questions.

Apparently that was a lesson Josh Horowitz never learned. Because he did just that.

In the latest addition of After Hours, Anna sat down with Josh to talk all about her upcoming cancer comedy, co-starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen. But try as she might, she couldn't steer the conversation away from Taylor Lautner's abs or Robert Pattinson's dreaminess. You know you've done something horribly wrong when the always amiable Anna shouts, "You're an idiot."

Click play on the clip above to watch the latest (awkward) installment of After Hours.

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