'Glee' Recap: 'I Am Unicorn'

GleeI've got to hand it to Brittany: I haven't seen such a preponderance of unicorns, rainbows and glitter since my Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper went missing in the seventh grade. Civic-minded Miss Pierce offered her clearly awesome art skills to Kurt's senior class president campaign on last night's "Glee" because Kurt's obviously a unicorn (Brittany speak for, "someone who knows they're magical and isn't afraid to show it"). Except, well, Kurt did seem a bit anxious letting his inner unicorn take flight, preferring instead a more subdued black-and-white poster.

But senior class president wasn't the only coveted position Kurt was angling for during "I Am Unicorn." With new co-directors (Emma Pillsbury, Coach Beiste and student aide Artie) appointed for the school's production of "West Side Story," it was time for auditions. And Kurt wanted nothing more than to play alpha male Tony. But in a torn-from-the-headlines twist, the directors weren't sure openly gay Kurt was the man for the job. "I need a Tony that excites my lady parts," Coach Beiste explained. A conversation, I should add, Kurt was witness to as he eavesdropped outside the window.

Spurred by the directors' feedback, Kurt convinced Rachel to help him with an emergency re-audition, in which the duo performed a scene from "Romeo and Juliet," with a machoed-up Kurt. But in a heart-wrenching turn, Kurt was basically laughed off stage by the directors and BFF Rachel. Though it's little consolation, his sexuality may not be the biggest factor in the judge's selection anyway—Kurt's boyfriend Blaine blew the doors off the auditorium with his audition of "Something's Coming," and although he didn't want to compete for the role against Kurt, it looks like he may just concede to the directors' wishes.

And the competition just continued to come. Kurt got also got an unexpected opponent in the race for president: Brittany! She's also a unicorn!

The biggest development of the night, however, was the return of Shelby Corcoran (i.e. birth mom to Rachel, adoptive mom to Quinn and Puck's baby, Beth). Thanks to another generous donation from Al Matta, Shelby was appointed director of another McKinley High show choir in which Sugar would be the headlining act. Shelby promised Mr. Schue she wouldn't poach any New Directions members, but I have a feeling a few may defect before the school year's over.

Puck seemed to be one of the only ones happy for Shelby's return, as it meant the chance to reconnect with his daughter. He showed up on Shelby's doorstep unannounced, with clown-pig drawing in hand for some bonding time. And it was all unbearably adorable.

Quinn was less enthused about Shelby's return. Still rocking pink locks and hanging with the Skanks, Miss Fabray agreed to be the poster child for Sue's anti-arts PSA, in an attempt to prove glee club ruins lives. (Unless I'm mistaken, Quinn got pregnant before she joined New Directions, right? Seems like faulty logic, to me.) Anyway, when Quinn confronted Mr. Schue on camera, blaming him and his glee club for all of her problems, Will turned the finger on Quinn, telling her to grow up and quit playing the victim. It was the most assertive I think we've ever seen Will. And I'll agree with Becky: It was sexy.

Realizing she'd never see her daughter if she didn't clean up her act (figuratively and literally), Quinn de-Skanked herself, returning to blond locks, ivory sun dresses and New Directions. But she wasn't hoping for a simple visit with Beth. She wanted full custody.

This is going to get messy...

Check out Jim Cantiello's musical "Glee"-cap below!

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