'Footloose' Starlet Julianne Hough Joins Our New Class As Triple Threat

Watch out for flying loafers come October 14, because audiences around the nation will be kicking off their Sunday shoes for the highly anticipated remake of "Footloose," starring Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough. As we ponder the former "Dancing With the Stars" pro's future, we totally see her waltzing away with plenty of A-list roles that stretch her talented muscles in more than one direction. Which is why we've named Miss Hough to our New Class as Most Likely To Be A Triple Threat—an accolade Julianne happily accepted.

"Obviously, it never gets old. Every day, I am shocked and surprised and so excited that anybody would want to put me in any kind of list or category as up and comers," she said. "That's the dream. I've always wanted to do this and to be recognized for something that you always want, but it's so hard to even think you can achieve. It's pretty crazy; it's surreal. Thank you!"

Further proving her Triple Threat mettle, Julianne cited the well-rounded entertainers of the early 20th century as her career inspiration. "The actors and entertainers from early on—the '20s and '30s and '40s—they did everything: They were singers, they were actors, they were just entertainers," she explained. "And people ask me, ... 'What do you like more, if you had to choose?' And I'm like, 'I don't want to choose!' I love all of them, and each fulfills something different inside of me."

And with a role in the upcoming stage-to-screen adaptation of "Rock of Ages," Julianne won't be kicking off her dancing, acting or singing shoes anytime soon.

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