'One For The Money' Trailer: Katherine Heigl Goes All 'Bounty Hunter'

One for the MoneyRom-com regular Katherine Heigl is trading in heartbreak for handcuffs as she stars in the big-screen adaptation of Janet Evanovich's crime caper "One for the Money." And thanks to Yahoo! Movies, we're getting our first look at the trailer for the January 2012 release.

Katherine plays Stephanie Plum, a recently unemployed lingerie saleswoman who turns to her cousin's bail-bondsman business for a job. Her first assignment? Pick up dirty cop Joe Morelli (played by Jason Mara), whom she just so happened to have a sexual dalliance with back in high school. Stephanie goes on a raucous little romp to recover Morelli—a romp that apparently includes kooky family dinners, naked senior citizens and feisty hookers (no doubt with hearts of gold).

Watch the full trailer after the jump!

For my money (get it!?) the premise feels a bit tired, and not because Janet's novel of the same name dates back 16 years. If you think you've seen this plotline before, it's because you have in that other bounty hunter movie "Bounty Hunter," starring Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston. (In fact, both flicks appear to include a scene in which the hunter is subdued with his/her own handcuffs by the hunted...) It's really too bad "Bounty Hunter" beat "One for the Money" to the box office, because I'd probably be more intrigued. That being said, I have a feeling Janet's loyal fan base couldn't care less, and will likely make this female-centric version a hit at the box office.

What say you, Crushers? Are you excited about "One for the Money"? Have you read the book on which the movie is based? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!