James Marsden Ponders 'True Blood' Role Alongside Alexander Skarsgard

James Marsden is a busy guy. He's got a bunch of projects lined up, and he's currently filming the comedy "Bachelorette." But we couldn't help but notice one thing while scanning his IMDb page: He's worked with two "True Blood" stars and has yet to appear on the vampy soap.

When we caught up with James at the "Straw Dogs" premiere, we inquired: Would he love to be on the show at some point? "Oh, that's right [I've starred with] Anna Paquin [in 'X-Men'] and now Alexander [Skarsgård]," he said. "That's a good question."

After taking a second to ponder the inquiry, he said, "If I went on 'True Blood,' I would probably go with vampire," he said. He even has a good reason why he simply could not play a werewolf: "I'm not hairy enough to be a werewolf."

Okay, fine but might we suggest something? James and Alex played such convincing foes in "Straw Dogs," we wouldn't mind them having a vampy feud on the series. A vampy feud that culminates in a big shirtless fight... Too specific?

Would you like to see James on "True Blood"? What character should he play? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!