'Abduction' Stars Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins Weigh In: Kissing Or Action Scenes Harder?

Perilous slides down building facades, motorcycle chases and glass-shattering shoot-outs weren't the only stunts "Abduction" star Taylor Lautner had to contend with on the set of his action thriller (out Friday). There were also those steamy smooches with co-star Lily Collins. Lots of them. Which raises an interesting question. Which is harder: action sequences or kissing scenes?

We posed this precise query to stars Taylor and Lily while at the red carpet premiere for "Abduction" last week in Hollywood.

"Oof," Taylor grunted. "Two different kinds of action, right? We've got both of them in this movie, that's for sure. One's a little easier than the other."

"The action scenes, we shot a majority of them in the middle of the night, so those were kind of difficult because we were pretty tired," Lily chimed in. "The kissing scene, everyone's laughing around us. Everyone's making it really fun, but at the same time, trying not to laugh in the middle of it. That's kind of difficult."

Well, apparently not for Taylor, who credits his cast mate with making the romantic moments a breeze to film. "We're good friends, so it's all easy," he enthused.

Good friends, huh? That's what the kids are calling it nowadays?

Which would you prefer: an action sequence or a kissing scene? Will you be seeing "Abduction" this weekend? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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