Emmys Fashion: Did Nina Dobrev Or Lea Michele Rock Red Best?

At some point this evening, various television actors will win Emmy awards, and make heartfelt speeches, and it will all be very exciting, of course. But at the moment, we've got our eyes glued to the red carpet—where everyone is frolicking in their haute-couture finery and looking VERY GLAM INDEED. But since a few of our favorite stars are displaying similar looks tonight, and since there's nothing more fun than sitting back, sipping a beverage and judging the pants (or evening wear, as it were) off of various celebrities' award-show style, it's time to get a poll going: Who wore it best?

Check it out: Crush favorites Nina Dobrev and Lea Michele both chose to showcase their olive complexions and brunette locks in a pair of gorgeous red gowns. Nina's figure is on full display in her body-skimming, strapless Donna Karan with a big swishy fishtail hem; Lea's look, in the same color, features a drapey open back and some seriously poofy shoulder action courtesy of Marchesa. So, you tell us: Which of these Ladies in Red is heating it hotter? Vote in our poll after the jump!

Click on the image above to see our entire Emmys fashion flipbook!

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