Ryan Gosling Says 'Hey Girl' To 'American Talk: The Oh Canada Edition'

If you didn't know Ryan Gosling was Canadian, first of all: SHAME ON YOU! It's the solemn duty of all Hollywood Crushers to know everything there is to know about RG, who may live Stateside these days but will still refer to his workout venue of choice as a gymnasium.

Canadian and proud, Ryan most certainly is, as we learned in our latest installment of After Hours "American Talk: The Oh Canada Edition with Ryan Gosling." He rocks flannel undies, feels he betrayed his country by appearing on "The All-New Mickey Mouse Club" as a kid, and is certain he can only make a baby with a Canadian gal. Sorry, all you other ladies!

But dry your tears and sit back and take in the funny as we school the "Drive" star in a very special edition of "American Talk," eh?

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