'True Blood' Season Five: Alexander Skarsgard Ponders Eric's Sookie-Free Future

It's been an interesting season for the frequently nude, ever evolving Eric on "True Blood." He lost himself for a while there, and while in an amnesiac state, fell for Sookie. And in turn, she kind of fell for him. (Side note: WHO COULD BLAME HER?!) And then, well, he regained his memory and he wasn't a hoodie-wearing Eric anymore and the bad boy was back.

Except as the charming Alexander Skarsgard told us at the New York premiere for "Straw Dogs," he may be as bad as ever, but he certainly isn't the same. "They're writing the season right now and there's a great opportunity here 'cause old Eric is back, but it's not the old Eric, 'cause he still remembers the love with Sookie and that changed him," he explained, as we swooned.

Facts, these are facts, Alex. So, how does he envision playing Eric next season then? Well, first he recalled one very important moment before launching into some plans for Mr. Northman. "But when [Sookie] walks out, there's a moment where he's like 'I've protected myself for centuries and this is what happens when you let a human in or a faerie human in'," he said. "And so it's gonna be interesting to see what happens with Eric, if he then goes back to being that guarded, protected guy or if he'll continue to be open."

That's all fine and we're interested to see what happens. But, will he bring back the hoodies, Mr. Skarsgard? We mean, they are so comfy! That, we assume, will be answered next season.