Happy Birthday, Elena! 'Vampire Diaries' Actors Share Their Birthday Wishes!

Break out the party hats! Not only does today mark the season three premiere of "The Vampire Diaries"; it's also Elena Gilbert's 18th birthday! But with Stefan gone missing and in cahoots with Klaus, this may not be the happiest celebration ever. In fact, we were thinking the title of tonight's episode should probably be changed to, "It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To." Wah, wah, wah.

But enough of that Debbie Downer business, because we have a surprise! In an effort to brighten Miss Gilbert's big day, we asked the real-life alter egos of our favorite Mystic Falls residents to offer their most heartfelt wishes for Elena's birthday. And there are some good ones here.

"To find love and peace," Kat Graham, who plays Elena's BFF Bonnie, said. "And to be able to kick a vampire's ass with a stake in the heart. But besides that, just the normal birthday wishes."

Paul Wesley took a slightly different approach with his musing. "This is going to be dark," he began. "At this point, I wish she could forget about ever meeting a vampire." (Uh, way to keep it positive, dude! And ruin the entire premise of the show while you're at it...)

And not wanting to miss out on all the fun was actress Nina Dobrev herself, who offered this piece of advice for her other half (or would it be fourth since she plays two characters?): "Have a good time, but watch out," she warned.


Click play on the video above to hear more "Vampire Diaries" birthday wishes for Elena.

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