'Vampire Diaries' Baddie Klaus Has 'Glimmers Of Humanity,' Says Joseph Morgan

Be still our Salvatore-loving hearts, "The Vampire Diaries" is finally back with new episodes starting tonight! We've been doing our best to while away the hours until the premiere tonight by keeping busy at work, and NOT watching all the awesome YouTube fan tribute videos. (Yeah, right...)

And here's a little video sneak peek of our own, featuring the warm and charming Joseph Morgan, who plays the very dark and dangerous Klaus. Morgan revealed to MTV News that he has been encouraged by the fan support of the show and his character, even though he was only in four episodes last season.

"People take it very seriously," Joseph said of the passionate fan base. "I really wanted from the beginning to give it the attention that it deserves, and really come prepared, know the genre, know what I'm doing, know my lines."

So about Klaus, will we see any good in him this season or all bad? It seems from our EXCLUSIVE "TVD" image that he is still up to no good.

"We're going to see. I would say more like glimmer of humanity," Joseph teased. "We're going to see a little bit of vulnerability and a more human side. Like everything as it goes on, we'll see more layers to the character, we'll see a more three-dimensional character hopefully."

We all know everyone loves a bad guy. Bonus "TVD" fact: When we chatted up the cast at The CW premiere party last weekend, the lovely Nina Dobrev admitted that Joseph is one of her favorites and that she loves working with him, no matter how evil he gets.

How excited are you for "TVD"'s return? Are you a Joseph Morgan fan? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!