Thomas Dekker Teases 'Secret Circle' Love Triangles

As if we didn't already have enough to be excited about on Thursdays, what with "The Vampire Diaries"' return and all, we finally get to see "The Secret Circle," which comes to us from "TVD" creator/teenage soap dynamo Kevin Williamson (and is based on a book series of the same name by "TVD" author L.J. Smith).

We've been hot on the case of this mysterious, magical new series from the get-go and can't wait to see what unfolds in the town of Chance Harbor, particularly all the romantic drama that we love to obsess over (and have come to know and expect from all CW series).

When MTV News caught up with star and reigning Hump Day Hottie Thomas Dekker, he gave us a fine preview of a few romantic entanglements to watch out for, chiefly the one between his character, Adam Conant, longtime GF Diane and new girl Cassie.

"For my character, there is this sort of age-old draw between myself and Cassie, played by Britt Robertson," Thomas revealed. "[But] of course, I'm also in a relationship with Diana played by Shelley Henning, so there's a bit of a, 'How far will he go?' to protect her and The Circle, and how will that ruin the relationship he has."

Thomas explained that the fun thing about all the emotional drama is that there are magical components and consequences.

"The cool thing is that all the feelings we have as young characters they also affect where our powers will go, good or evil," he said. "That's the question of the show."

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