'Breaking Dawn' Trailer Commentary: Weddings, Honeymoons, Labor Pains! Oh My!

In the second "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" trailer, which hit the web this week, all the big "Twilight" milestones are touched on: the wedding, the honeymoon, the wedding night (with the bed breaking!), Bella's pregnancy and, oh, that birthing scene! But what are we ready to see even more of?

The Edward and Bella wedding

We swooned when we saw it here, even as her dad reluctantly walked her down the aisle to her fate as a vampire's wife.

Jacob resigning himself to the fact that he'll never have Bella

It's a moment that, even if you're a staunch Team Edward-er, for like one second there, Jacob's heartfelt speech could have anyone rooting for him.

Bella and Edward's super-romantic honeymoon

The newlyweds take their love out of Forks and get frisky. They skinny dip, they share romantic gestures, and they get it on. They, like, really get it on.

Bella's super painful, life-threatening pregnancy

It's clear from the trailer that Bella's struggle to hold it all together isn't easy. She wants that baby, but everyone else seems pretty against it. But, as the entire "Twilight" franchise has taught us, Bella does what she wants.

Bella's delivery scene

The very end of the trailer teases just a bit of the pain that is in store for Bella as she welcomes her child into the world. Is this where "Part 1" ends? All will be answered come November 18.

Click play on the clip above to hear our full "Breaking Dawn" trailer commentary!

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