'Breaking Dawn' Trailer Leaves Fans Screaming: 'Heavens To Nessie!'

By Maura Gavaghan

Bella, Edward, and Jacob will return to the big screen on November 18th with more romance, action, passion, conflict, and turmoil than ever before — yes, we said more. The highly-anticipated "Breaking Dawn" trailer was released yesterday and we must admit, it was worth the wait! With glimpses of Bella and Edward's first passionate night together, Jacob's flawless physique and relentless valor, and a shockingly complicated pregnancy, experts and "Twilight" superfans are stunned by director Bill Condon's nail-biting trailer.

"He Got Everything"

Any non-believers out there? Laura Byrne-Cristiano's enthusiasm should ease your apprehension! Byrne-Cristiano, owner of TwilightLexicon.com, cannot contain her excitement as she gushes about the fast-paced, and at times heart-wrenching trailer. "Fantastic!" she says. "I think Bill Condon absolutely nailed it. He got everything: action, romance and an amazing collection of individual shots." She finishes by declaring the trailer is "absolutely stunning."

"Conflict and Turmoil"

Prepare for a new expression in pop culture! "Heavens to Nessie" seemed to be the only fitting way Kallie Matthews, from TwilightSeriesTheories.com, could express her initial reactions to the thrilling trailer. "We got to see a little bit of what it's going to be like to have Nessie, and that's going to be awesome," says Matthews of Bella's bundle of half-human, half-vampire joy, Renesmee Cullen. She also highlights Bella's intense labor scenes, commenting, "I'm really, really excited, because it wasn't all romance; it was some of the conflict and turmoil."

"Heartfelt Moments"

With conflict often comes emotion, and this trailer promises a healthy dose of it! Experts are thrilled by the way Condon remained faithful to the book's sincerity. Kara Hassell, of TwilightersAnonymous.com, felt a unique emotional connection while watching the trailer, explaining "The last couple films, they tried to push the action in it, and I really liked that they stuck to the book and the heartfelt moments that are in 'Breaking Dawn.' " Sounds like a box of tissues should be included with each ticket purchase.