Tyra Banks Goes Dystopian With Debut Novel 'Modelland'

If you've devoured "The Hunger Games," been overcome with "Delirium" and walked the "Blood Red Road," perhaps it's time to take a trip to "Modelland."

Smizing mogul Tyra Banks is extending her empire into a new realm—fiction publishing—with her debut novel, "Modelland," which hits bookstore shelves today. The first of a trilogy, "Modelland" is inspired by the events of Tyra's own career, but with monsters and other magical elements, this clearly isn't an autobiography. When we caught up with Tyra recently, we just had to get the scoop on this addition to the YA world.

"Modelland is a place that I have created that sits on the top of a mountain. And Modelland creates the most famous people in the world—actually the only famous people in the world, which are supermodels. I call them Intoxibellas. There is a girl called Tookie De La Crème. She is very gangly, very awkward, very weird and she has a huge, huge forehead. Like some girl I know. And she gets chosen to go to this place."

Along the way, Tookie meets three other non-conventional beauties, who with Tookie in tow, find themselves "running on runways and running for their lives." Sounds...ferosh.

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