Happy Birthday Bella Swan: Our Gift Ideas For The 'Twilight' Heroine!

Bella Swanby Lauren Zaremba

Today might be an ordinary Tuesday for most people, but for "Twilight" fans around the world, it’s a day of celebration. In addition to tonight’s "Breaking Dawn" trailer reveal (YAY!), Twilighters everywhere know that today is their favorite heroine’s birthday. Fans on Twitter are making good use of the hash tag #HappyBirthdayBella to celebrate, but here at Hollywood Crush we decided to commemorate the special occasion with a list of gift ideas for Mrs. Edward Cullen.

Check out our suggestions after the jump and weigh in with your own in the comments!

First edition of "Wuthering Heights"

Any loyal fan knows how much Bella loves to read. One of her favorite novels is Emily Brontë’s classic "Wuthering Heights." This rare copy is priced at $15,913.89. We'll just pretend we have Edward’s unlimited budget.

A speed boat

Bella looks to be having a pretty great time on that boat during her honeymoon (or maybe that’s just because of who was driving the boat). Regardless, why not give her a boat so she can take Edward and Renesmee out on the water any time she wants?

"The Oxford Illustrated Jane Austen"

Like I said before, Bella loves to read, and since she’ll have a lot more time on her hands (ya know, since she doesn’t sleep anymore!), she’ll probably want to while away a few hours reading this six-volume set of Jane Austen books.

A trench coat

Just because she doesn’t get cold anymore, doesn’t mean she can’t look stylish when it’s raining out. This Burberry trench coat is a classic and already fits in with Bella’s (or—let’s be honest—Alice’s) sense of style.

"R" charm necklace

Now that Bella has Renesmee, she would definitely want a piece of jewelry to represent her girl the same way Edward and Jacob have charms on her bracelet. These simple charm necklaces by Helen Ficalora are perfect for understated Bella.

What would you give Bella for her birthday? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!