Sarah Michelle Gellar's TV Return Is No. 1 Reason To Watch 'Ringer'

For those who've been missing Sarah Michelle Gellar from her days on the cult classic "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," tonight is your night, as she returns to TV on The CW's new mystery thriller, "Ringer."

And if you thought you were excited about the return of SMG, wait until you see how excited her co-stars Kristoffer Polaha, Mike Colter and Nestor Carbonell are about her anchoring their new show.

"We've been waiting for SMG for how long, and she's back to television and we got her," Mike Colter proudly proclaimed.

"We're all fighting for her," Nestor Carbonell said of their characters all wanting a piece of Sarah's two alter egos (she plays twin sisters Bridget Cafferty and Siobhan Martin).

"I want to be her lover," Mike revealed. "He [pointing to Kris Polaha] is in fact in some way shape or form her lover, he [pointing to Nestor] is not saying so, but he wants to be the lover too. Honestly, everyone wants to be her lover; that's what's going on."

From what we've seen of the pilot, Mike speaks the truth. SMG plays recovering alcoholic Bridget, who goes on the run to avoid testifying as a witness in a murder case. She ends up with her twin sister, Siobhan, who is married and wealthy (and hasn't told anyone she has a sister). But when they go boating, Siobhan disappears overboard—and Bridget assumes Siobhan's identity.

SMG's co-stars explained that her acting skills are so superb, they believe she is two people.

"I walk past her sometimes, 'Have you seen Bridget?' and it is Bridget, but she's dressed as Siobhan," Mike joked. "Sometimes we'll be calling her [to set] and we've been waiting, and she's been standing there the entire time."

"It's a mind trip," Nestor admitted.

Kris (whom you might recognize from "Life Unexpected") added, in all seriousness, that the reason to watch "Ringer" is for SMG, but also because it's just plain fun.

"The other thing that separates our show is that it's good," he said. "There's a lot of stuff on TV that's questionable at best. I don't think this falls in that category. I think this is above average, if not bordering on great."

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