'Secret Circle' Star Phoebe Tonkin Would Love A 'Vampire Diaries' Crossover

Phoebe TonkinClear your DVR queue and set your season pass, because this week marks the beginning of fall TV! We know, it's been way too long. Thankfully, in addition to all of our returning favorites (hello, "Vampire Diaries" and "Glee"), the networks are ushering in a slew of new shows we couldn't be more excited about, including The CW's magical "Secret Circle," which premieres this Thursday.

In anticipation of the witchy series, which stars Britt Robertson as an unassuming high school girl who discovers her mysterious powers, we hopped on the phone with co-star Phoebe Tonkin, who you'll get to know as mean girl Faye Chamberlain. We talked with the Aussie actress (who does a mean American accent) about her character's rule-breaking ways, potential love interests and all those comparisons to "The Vampire Diaries."

Hollywood Crush: We know Faye is the resident bad girl, but what else can you tell us about her?

Phoebe Tonkin: Faye is unpredictable. If anything, you can't really expect anything from her. She kind of goes back and forth from being really quite bad and then bringing it back and realizing there are actually consequences. So I think that's what's going to be exciting throughout this series, seeing Faye going back and forth from the different sides, good vs. evil.

Will we find out why Faye has such a chip on her shoulder?

Yeah, definitely. I think her relationship with her mother is very interesting. You know, she lost her dad when she was a baby, and the only parent figure she's had is her mother, and as you see in the pilot, her mother has not got the best intentions. And, also, her mother is the school principal. So Faye is used to getting away with whatever she wants. She's not used to discipline. So I think that's one of the parts why Faye is the way she is. And the other is an ex-boyfriend that really broke her heart, and now Faye is really out to kind of avenge that.

Speaking of ex-boyfriends: When will Faye get a love interest of her own?

I feel like Faye needs someone as evil as she is to match it. But at the moment, they are so interested in these new powers and all that, so I think that's her priority right now.

Had you read the book series by L.J. Smith before auditioning for the part?

I read the books when I was filming the pilot. I think we all did. There's a photo of all of us holding the book. [Laughs] I think they're brilliant. They're such good young adult books. But it's definitely different picturing characters on screen and then picturing a character in text. So I definitely, in the back of my mind, have different character traits about Faye. One thing—it's so silly—in the book they always mention that Faye has red nails, so that's something we've kind of maintained throughout the show. Faye always has red nails. Little things like that we can put in.

Because both are Kevin Williamson projects and based on L.J. Smith novels, there have been plenty of comparisons to "The Vampire Diaries." What's your take?

I mean, yes, both are helmed by the amazing Kevin. For me, I started watching "The Vampire Diaries" after I finished filming the pilot. I was just so impressed and so excited that we get to follow a show of that caliber because it is such a great show. It is so well acted and written and sexy and fast paced. It's a cool show to watch. I think it's one of the better shows of the vampire genre or any other teenage genre at the moment. So that fact that we get to follow it is awesome.

Would you be up for a "Secret Circle"/"Vampire Diaries" cross-over episode?

I would love that. I met Kat Graham at a shoot a couple of months ago. We were both like, 'This could happen. And then you could come on and do this...' I think Kevin is trying to keep them as different worlds. I think a crossover could kind of complicate things. I think Kevin is trying to make our show a separate show to "Vampire Diaries." They're different mythologies.

Catch "The Secret Circle" debut on The CW this Thursday at 9/8 C!

Are you excited for "Secret Circle"? Would you want to see a crossover episode, or do you think they should be kept separate? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!