Olivia Munn Promises Plenty Of Man Flesh In 'Magic Mike'

Oh, "Magic Mike." We haven't even met and, yet, we're already drooling in anticipation of your abtastic big screen debut in 2012. And now we're slobbering even more thanks to some small insights given by star Olivia Munn.

As you'll recall, the stripper flick—based loosely on Channing Tatum's own experiences—boasts a who's who of tasty Hollywood treats, including Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer and Matthew McConaughey. Plus, you know, there are some girls in the cast too, including Miss Munn.

When we caught up with the 31-year-old actress at the premiere of director Steven Soderbergh's other film, "Contagion," we wanted the scoop on her sexy role.

"I am a grad student and play Channing Tatum's love interest in the movie," she said. "It's actually great because it's a movie about strippers and I'm not a stripper in it."

Of course, our own Josh Horowitz needed to know more about the strippers in question, specifically whether the flick will be wall-to-wall man meat.

"Yeah, yeah. It's going to be awesome," she assured. "I know that the women in it—it's a world about sex, so there's not just men that show things. You'll be seeing a lot. A lot of a lot."

Oh, boy.

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