'Glee' Giveaway: Download Jim Cantiello's Season 2 Glee-caps!

by Jim Cantiello

Gleeks rejoice!

Your favorite TV show is returning for its third season in a little over a week. (If you don’t have a picture of the Kurt/Blaine kiss pasted in the September 20 box of your calendar, then you need to rethink your priorities.)

There will be new characters to introduce—hello, 450 "Glee Project" winners!—and old favorites to write off—goodbye, Trouty Mouth and Lauren Zises!—but one thing will remain constant: my weekly musical Glee-caps!

To thank you all for welcoming my Glee-caps into the passionate fan community—and to get you jazzed for season three’s new recap songs—we’re offering a free download of the MTV News Glee-caps: Volume 2 soundtrack album!

That’s right! Now you can listen to your favorite Glee-cap tracks wherever, whenever! From the doo-wop ode to Holly Holliday to the brooding '80s synth pop jam lamenting Blaine’s Gap crush, from the Lyndsey Buckingham-inspired recap of "Glee"'s Fleetwood Mac episode to the most popular Glee-cap ever, "They Kissed (It Was Worth It!)," it’s all there, remixed and re-mastered for your earbuds. Plus, you’ll get a handful of bonus instrumental tracks written and performed by MTV News’ No. 1 "Glee" fanatic: me!

All you have to do is "like" MTV News on Facebook. Once you’re our Facebook friend, you’ll get a link to download the album for free! The Glee-cap mp3s are compressed into a single zip file, so you’ll need a program like WinZip to access them once you download it. (Volume one is available on my Tumblr.)

Thanks again for watching my musical Glee-caps throughout season two, and I can’t wait to sing about season three!

MTV News Glee-caps: The Music, Volume 2 tracklist below:

01: The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

02: Silly Love Songs

03: Comeback

04: Blame It On The Alcohol

05: Sexy

06: Original Song (They Kissed!)

07: A Night of Neglect

08: Born This Way

09: Rumours

10: Prom Queen

11: Funeral (Ryan Murphy Killed Sue’s Special Needs Sister)

12: New York (Empire State of Glee)

***Bonus tracks***

13: Blame It On The Alcohol [instrumental]

14: Sexy [instrumental]

15: A Night of Neglect [instrumental]

16: Rumours [instrumental]

17: Prom Queen [instrumental]

18: Funeral (Ryan Murphy Killed Sue’s Special Needs Sister) [instrumental] 

Will you be downloading Jim's musical Glee-caps?