'Bloodlines,' Hourglass' And More: What Was Your Favorite Summer Beach Read Of 2011?

This summer, we've gone to Italy, the Hamptons and not-so deserted islands. We've been on the run from angel fanatics, werewolf hunters and misguided werewolves, gone into hiding to avoid rebel vampire factions, chased after rebel armies to retrieve our kidnapped twin, found ourselves impersonating our long-lost twin and discovered our ancestral talent for witchcraft. We've even traveled back in time to Victorian Manhattan, World War II and the very recent past.

Yep, as relaxing as the idea of a Summer Beach Read is, they've actually been kind of exhausting, if you think about it. Now that fall is approaching, and with it the kind of responsibilities that eat into our escapist reading habits, we're already looking back wistfully at the books we read this summer. Did you come along for the ride? Well, which was your favorite? Vote in our poll after the jump!