New 'Vampire Diaries' Season 3 Promo: 5 Key Scenes To Watch For

Cue the blood, lust, danger and desire. "Vampire Diaries" is back (almost), and it's looking darker and more delectable than ever. Following up a slew of images featuring the show's stars taking bites out of blood-soaked fruit, The CW has released a new preview of season three, appropriately titled "Appetites." Let's just say after watching, ours was considerably increased for the show's return on September 15.

The new preview is loaded with teases of temptation, seduction, obsession and destruction. It's also got a cake filled with (what else?) blood and quite a few notable sneak peeks at what's to come in the next few episodes. Check out what to watch for after the jump!

1. Klaus makes a mean dessert: Our interest was piqued when we caught a glimpse of Klaus delivering a perfectly white cake, which Elena/Katherine later stabs with a knife. Did Klaus pick up baking lessons during the hiatus, or is this supposed to be some metaphor for destruction? The possibilities are endless...

2. Damon, Alaric and the couch potatoes: Damon and Alaric are still friends! But more importantly, why are there two dead girls sitting on a couch? Whose living room are the boys in? And why do we feel like Stefan is to blame for this?

3. Don't count Katherine out just yet: Unless it was a clip from previous seasons (we doubt it), we're pretty sure Kat's in the clip licking her lips after a hearty dinner. Yum.

4. Sleepover time: In the midst of all this havoc, at least two people will find time for romance. It's hard to tell exactly who from the clip, but squint your eyes hard enough and pause at just the right spots and, suddenly, Tyler and Caroline seem clear as day (or is that just wishful thinking?).

5. Someone takes a fall: Pause the video at the 47-second mark, and you'll see someone falling from high above. Guess it's never too early to start guessing who won't make it to season's end, right?

What are your favorite parts of the new preview? Are there any discussion-worthy scenes we missed? Share them with us in the comments and on Twitter!