Fashion Week Struts Into New York! Who's The Most Stylish Movie Character?

Sex and the CitySlink into your Prada and strap on your Manolos—we have a date with the tents!

The Fashion Week tents, that is. The semi-annual show officially kicks off today in New York City, stomping and strutting through September 15. (Which means if your favorite Hollywood Crush blogger suddenly goes MIA, you might want to send the search party to Lincoln Center...)

And as we once again turn our attention to the latest and greatest looks we just have to have (but simply can't afford), we can't help but be reminded of some our favorite onscreen styles and the characters who flaunted them oh-so well. I mean, what would the LBD be without Audrey Hepburn's Holly Golightly? And we can't even fathom a world without Manhattan's most stylish sex columnist and her three BFFs.

Thankfully, our friends at NextMovie have rounded up cinema's nine most fashionable characters into one convenient (and darn good-looking) list. Peep their top sartorial stunners and tell us if you agree!

Check out NextMovie's 9 Most Fashionable Movie Characters!

Who do you think the most fashionable movie character is? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!