New 'Glee' Season 3 Promo: 4 Key Things

GleeWe're fewer than three weeks from "Glee"'s season three premiere on September 20, and Fox is finally showing us some significant footage from the upcoming school year.

Much like the 30-second promo that hit the web last week, dodge balls and "You Got the Beat" are motifs here again, but this new look gives us many more hints to the goings on of the McKinley High student body and its rag-tag group of gleesters.

Keep reading after the jump for the four key things we gleaned from the new promo!

1. Another serving of Cheerios

Looks like Santana and Brittany's departure from Sue Sylvester's squad didn't take, because they're once again prancing around in the signature red-and-white uniforms. We can only hope their return doesn't mean a flare up of the old Cheerios-New Directions tensions because that's so early 2011.

2. New Directions?

In the opening seconds of the promo, there's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in which Blaine can be seen singing and dancing with New Directions—sans his usual Dalton Academy blue blazer. Did Kurt's boyfriend transfer schools? (If so, we'll totally miss that one Warbler who puts the entire "Jersey Shore" cast to shame in the fist-pumping department.)

3. Punk Quinn

In response to paparazzi photos that surfaced showing Dianna Agron with pink locks, the actress took to Twitter to offer this vague explanation: "Hey all! The pink is for work. Tried to keep it a, that is all I will say! Thanks for all the nice comments on it! #barbiepink." And now we know why her hair got the bubble-gum treatment: Quinn is having an identity crisis! Or something!

4. Emma and Will FOREVAH!

Are Will and his OCD love Emma finally headed for bliss? We don't know for sure, but the smooch they share in this promo looks promising!

Watch the promo on YouTube.

What tidbits did you glean about season three from this promo? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!