'Hunger Games' Trailer: 5 Must-See Scenes

Katniss EverdeenNow that we've had a few days to chew on "The Hunger Games" sneak peek debuted during the MTV Video Music Awards, we're ready to turn our attention to what's next on the menu. Namely, a full-length "Hunger Games" trailer!

Odds are many of you have already formulated trailer wish lists the size of Panem, detailing every little odd and end you'd die to see in the next piece of promotion for the dystopian drama. And you better believe Hollywood Crush has done the same! Feast on our five must-see scenes after the jump!

1. The Reaping

Sure, it's not the most exciting or sexiest moment of Suzanne Collins' trilogy (and we've already gotten a small taste thanks to that production still featuring Liam Hemsworth), but there's no denying this pivotal moment sets the stage for everything that follows. Context. Context. Context.

2. Any scene with Peeta

Jennifer Lawrence was the star of the sneak peek—as well she should have been—and Liam had a cameo in the form of a go-get-em voiceover, but we have yet to see or hear from the baker's son played by Josh Hutcherson. Perhaps we could catch a glimpse of him covered in flour, working in his father's shop. Or being nursed back to health by Katniss in the arena. Or even, perhaps, palming a few poisonous berries...

3. Effie and Haymitch on the train to the Capitol

In one fell swoop, this scene would accomplish three things: We'd get our first official look at Elizabeth Banks flaunting mentor Effie's pink wig; we'd witness her chemistry with Woody Harrelson's belligerent Haymitch AND peek Panem's glistening ruling city.

4. The race to the Cornucopia

What better way to introduce the arena, than with its opening, blood-bathed moments? (Or the lead up to them, since, well, this trailer should be suitable for all audiences.) This way, we'd get a look at all the tributes before they get dirty—and meet their untimely ends.

5. Katniss styled by Cinna

It's probably too much to ask for a glimpse of Katniss in her "Girl on Fire" costume (or at least a prolonged, full-length shot of it, anyway), but maybe we could see her all done up in the bejeweled gown she wears to Caesar Flickerman's talk show. Goodness knows we'll be seeing plenty of that Hunger Games uniform. Palate cleanser, please!

What's on your "Hunger Games" trailer wish list? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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