'Hunger Games' Sneak Peek: Even More Inside Info From Gary Ross

Once you've convinced the director of "The Hunger Games" to do a video chat commentary on the film's just-released sneak peek, you don't just let him do his thing and walk away. Nooooo! You tie him to a chair and threaten him with a badger keep the chatline open and beg, with your best pretty-pretty-please charm, for just a few more answers to your burning questions about the film.

Or, I mean, that's what we did after Gary Ross so kindly offered his analysis-via-webcam of the "Hunger Games" first look. And because Gary is not only an immensely talented human being but also the nicest guy ever, he obliged us with a quick Q&A session about all things "HG." Check out his choice quotes...

...on the music for the movie!

"Music can actually affect the movie more than almost anything else," Gary said. "It can literally change the way you feel [about] or perceive a movie."

And while he points out that composers T-Bone Burnett and Danny Elfman have only just begun to work out the details of the film's soundtrack, he does mention Rue's Lullaby—making this the second time we've heard some enticing news about the song behind one of the movie's most heart-rending scenes.

...on Jennifer Lawrence's training!

"It's an intensely physical movie. Jen's in 110 percent of the movie, she works every day all day. It's a very physically demanding thing that she's doing."

So, basically, expect some mind-blowing athletic shenanigans when the film hits the screen, because Jennifer has been hitting it hard.

"She worked with an athletic trainer," Gary continued. "She had intensive archery training. She's had a very rigorous athletic conditioning program."

(Also, expect to be deeply jealous of her awesome bod.)

...and, finally, on the movie's most important and moving moments!

Actually, don't look for too much info here: Gary laughed and protested that the last thing he wants is to offer spoilers for his own movie. "There's some things you don't want to give away, and you don't want me to give it away. I can tell you what it is verbally, but it would kind of wreck it for people."

He does, however, promise us multiple scenes with major emotional punch, making references to the death of Rue, an intense moment with Cinna and the final scene at the Games in which they [REDACTED BECAUSE HOLYOMG SPOILERS]. (Apparently, that one is so powerful that not even Gary can resist dropping too much information.)

Watch the full sneak peek again below!

Did Gary give up enough inside news to satisfy die-hard fans? Or should we kidnap him and force him to tell us EVERYTHING?

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