'Hunger Games' Sneak Peek...Now With Director Gary Ross' Commentary!

Why yes, we have been watching (and re-watching) the first sneak peek of "The Hunger Games" all morning long—and yes, we are going to wring every last ounce of fangirl analysis out of it before the day is done. Especially when it comes with a running commentary, insidery info and an exclusive glimpse into the artistic mind of the man, the myth, the legend, director Gary Ross! Video-chatting at us from the set of "The Hunger Games" (where, he's quick to point out, filming is nowhere near finished), Gary provided some directorial insights into what we're seeing—and hearing—as Jennifer Lawrence crashes through the forest in the opening moments of the teaser.

"I think, as everyone knows, Gale is an enormous part of Katniss' life," he explained, pausing the action just before the moment when Gale (Liam Hemsworth) begins speaking in voiceover. "He's not as big a part of the first book. But he's very present, and very important...he's in her head, he's in her life, he's something that echoes with her throughout the Games."

Not only that, but it's plainly clear that Gary is quite the "HG" fangirl (fanguy? fanman?) himself. Fans should be relieved to hear that he knows the books inside and out, and he's devoted not only to realizing Suzanne Collins' vision of a dystopian future, but to capturing the power of her narrative as well.

"What everyone felt so strongly [about Katniss]—they were in her shoes, they were in her head. It was such an intense first-person experience." And as Jennifer begins to bolt through the forest, we hear the questions he asked himself while filming: "How do we get inside Katniss' head? How do we feel what she's feeling? How do we become her?"

How? We don't know! But based on the fact that we actually jumped up with a rebel yell and leaped through a plate-glass window screaming, "MOCKINGJAY!" at the conclusion of this teaser, we're thinking he did a pretty bang-up job.

Want more of Gary's commentary for the first-ever look at the Games on the big screen? Don't miss the full video, with more sweet scoop on Jennifer's acting chops, the filming process and what Gary can't wait for you all to see! (Hint: Stanley "The Tooch" Tucci is gonna be AWESOME.)

One thing Gary didn't touch on however, was the mysterious hashtag #whatsmydistrict, which shows up in the closing moments of the sneak peek. Are you ready to register with the Capitol? Head over to thecapitol.pn to identify yourself and attempt to decipher the grainy, moving image on the homepage.

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