What Did 'Hunger Games' Experts Think Of Sneak Peek?

Our "Hunger" has finally been sated...for now.

MTV debuted the first-ever look at footage from the big-screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins' dystopian series "The Hunger Games" during last night's Video Music Awards, and we couldn't have been more excited to see Jennifer Lawrence in full-on bow-and-arrow-wielding mode as District 12 tribute Katniss Everdeen. But, you know, that's just our opinion, so we tapped the experts for their knee-jerk reaction to the exclusive sneak peek. And let's just say they think the odds are definitely in the film's favor.

"That was epic," enthused Samus Belle of Sparks Will Fly. "I'm so excited. Especially seeing Jennifer Lawrence running through the whole arena, she looked like a hunter. She just captured Katniss onscreen."

Kimmy West of Mockingjay.net couldn't have agreed more. "Jennifer Lawrence is just embodying Katniss," she said. "The big trait about Katniss is that she's animalistic when she hunts. You can totally tell that she's been training so much for that [bow and arrow] shot. She really looks like a pro."

While Katniss took front and center in the trailer, we were also treated to a tiny teaser of Liam Hemsworth's performance as Gale, in the form of a voiceover—a detail Kimmy thought was just perfect for this first look. "Basically, [Gale] is saying, 'You know how to hunt,' 'All they want is a good show,' 'Show them how good you are.' I feel like it's a really good message to send across for the trailer because it's showing she's not a career tribute," Kim explained, referring to fellow "Hunger Games" contestants who train their whole lives for the death match. "She's not someone who wants to kill anyone; she's just wants to live after this."

But with Katniss and Gale accounted for, some fans may have been left with a Peeta-sized hole in their hearts. Samus speculated that fans should hold tight for the trailer to get their first glimpse of the baker's son (played by Josh Hutcherson). "I'm a Peeta fan, but I think they will put him somewhere during the trailers because half the 'Hunger Games' fandom probably wants him in there at some point," she said. "In all fairness, throughout the first part of the games, she is thinking mostly about Gale and the advice he gave her."

Arianna Ruiz of Down With the Capitol voiced a similar theory. "I think they maybe want to wait a little bit longer on [showing] Peeta to build up the excitement even more. And Gale is still a very important part of Katniss' life," she said.

Moral of the story: Hold tight, Peeta lovers. You'll get your fill soon.

Click play on the video below for a look at the full sneak peek!

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