Derek Jeter And Minka Kelly Split: Who Will He Play The Field With?

Minka Kelly and Derek JeterIf you were hoping that Derek Jeter would celebrate his 3,000th hit with a post-season wedding, here comes the Disappointment Train.

People has confirmed that the awesome Yankee shortstop has split with longtime girlfriend Minka Kelly, making him baseball's most eligible bachelor once again (and officially disproving those rumors of an engagement in the works). But although he's now single and looking to mingle, there's just one problem: baseball isn't the only field in which Derek is, y'know, prolific... as in, he's already played ball with just about every available girl on the face of the earth. And with so few ladies left, what's a guy to do?

WELL. Fortunately, we've put our heads together and—after several days of really hard thinking—put together a list of five gorgeous gals who haven't yet had the pleasure of dating Mr. Jeter. So when the all-star slugger does move on, maybe he'd like to run around the bases with...

Jennifer Aniston

After 15 years of serial dating, it's pretty obvious that Derek isn't looking to settle down—and despite the tabloids' frequent attempts to paint her as desperate and lonely, Jen is obviously loving her post-Brad-Pitt single life. Plus, she's got the perfect athletic physique and adventurous spirit to keep up with a jock boyfriend! Man, we'd love to set these two up on a skydiving date.

Taylor Swift

Derek has dated pop stars, models, actresses and beauty queens, but he's never been seen with a country singer. And given Taylor's known penchant for penning tell-all revenge songs after her high-profile breakups, can you imagine how much fun it'll be to pore over the lyrics on her next album for baseball references? Yes and yes.

Ashley Greene

We're just playing to type, here: Derek has a thing for pretty brunettes with curvy bods, and Ashley clearly fits the bill. And between her happening career and his 162-game-per-season schedule, a relationship between these two would promise plenty of chances to see them out in public. And we love to see pretty couples out and about.

Buttercup Powerpuff

Yes, she's a cartoon. But remember, we're scraping the bottom of the lady-barrel here. Desperate times, y'all! And with her tomboy toughness and do-anything attitude, Buttercup is clearly the most desirable of the Powerpuff Girls—and the best-equipped to hang with the Yankees.

My grandma

Despite having dated just about every available lady on the planet, Derek Jeter has somehow failed to connect with my grandmother. Which is a shame, 'cause she's rad. So, Derek, whenever you're ready, please pick Granny up at the Bingo Hall and take her out for an ice cream sandwich. Thanks.

Who would you have Derek date?