'Hunger Games' Sneak Peek: Watch VMA Promo For Tiny Taste

You've probably heard by now (and if you haven't, you're likely huddled in a cave somewhere) that the first look at the big-screen adaptation of "The Hunger Games" will catch fire this Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards. While that's still several days away, we have something to temper your hunger until then: a teeny, tiny morsel of the footage in question!

Click play on the video below to watch "The Hunger Games" VMA promo!

Obviously, we couldn't give too much away here, but you will see the iconic Mockingjay symbol ablaze and a quick clip of Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) in her Hunger Games uniform, ducking from some unseen danger. (And knowing the arena, there's no shortage of deadly menaces to choose from...)

So does this tease have you craving a bigger bite? You'll just have to tune in to the 2011 VMAs this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT for all the goodness. And after you've watched the clip (once or one hundred times), send your video reactions to @MTVNews via Twitter!

What do you think of this promo? Will you tune in Sunday for the whole enchilada?! Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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