New 'Abduction' Featurette: Taylor Lautner Flaunts His Muscles

Taylor LautnerFROM MOVIES BLOG: Move over Tom Cruise and Matt Damon, because Taylor Lautner is coming to steal the title of Hollywood's resident action star.

Mark Wahlberg already told Leonardo DiCaprio that the "Twilight Saga" star has put them out of a job, and it's about time that the Sylvester Stallones and Bruce Willis's of the world get the clue as well as a new action hero is born. Lautner's upcoming flick "Abduction" is looking like it's going to be the action movie for the new generation, and it's the 19-year-old's badass physicality that makes the film something to look forward to.

"Taylor's not only a really fabulous actor, he's also a gifted athlete," "Abduction" costar Jason Isaacs said in a recently released featurette about the movie. "He could take the entire crew with his hands tied behind his back."

Watch the kick-butt clip at MTV Movies Blog!