'Hunger Games' VMA Countdown: 5 Favorite Quotes From Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson

Hungry yet? In just four days, MTV will reward your appetite for all things "Hunger Games" by debuting the very first footage from the highly anticipated March 23, 2012 release! It all goes down at this year's Video Music Awards airing Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Star Jennifer Lawrence, who plays bow-and-arrow-wielding heroine Katniss Everdeen, will introduce the exclusive clip, which will be available online at MTV.com following its on-air debut.

As an appetizer to the main course, we're serving up a fresh batch of "Hunger Games" goodies throughout the week, starting today with a look back at some of our favorite "Hunger Games" quotes courtesy of stars Jennifer, Josh Hutcherson and more.

Keep reading after the jump and include the favorites we missed in the comments section!

"I told Gary, ‘I totally understand if you don’t hire me, but please remember that after Katniss shoots a bow and kills someone her face cannot be badass. It has to be broken.’ She has to be heartbroken because she just took another person’s life. It’s so tempting, especially with a cool, big budget franchise movie, but we have to remember that she’s a 16-year-old girl who’s being forced to do this. These kids are only killing each other because if they don’t, they’ll die. —Jennifer Lawrence on her character's mindset, to Entertainment Weekly

"Jennifer’s not two feet taller than me! If anything, maybe she’s a half inch taller." —Josh Hutcherson on naysayers who say he's too short for the role, to EW

"Jen [Lawrence] is perfectly cast. She’s amazing. The real deal. Honestly, when we shot the Reaping, I wept," —Elizabeth Banks on the mixed reactions following Jennifer's casting, to New York Magazine

"I don't really know what we'd say. "[We'd] just be like [gestures to an invisible book in her hand], 'Books! Who knew?'" —Jennifer Lawrence on what she'd say to fellow YA adaptation actress Kristen Stewart if they met, to MTV News

"On first glance he’s such a hunk that it’s easy to just sort of ascribe a hunk-like simplicity to him. But this is a phenomenally subtle actor." —Director Gary Ross on Liam, to EW

The 28th annual MTV Video Music Awards will air live Sunday, August 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

What's your favorite quote about "The Hunger Games"?

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