Peep 'The Hunger Games' Collector's Edition From Scholastic!

Hungry fans of "The Hunger Games" still have a long, lean seven months before they can sink their teeth into the hotly anticipated film version of the dystopian series...but for the literary contingent, here's a nice little halfway appetizer! Scholastic is set to release a special collector's edition of "The Hunger Games"—in which we first attend The Reaping, set foot in the arena and meet the future revolutionaries of Panem—for $30 this November. And man, is it pretty.

The collector's edition features new, original Mockingjay artwork, foil stamping and a special protective slipcase to house the priceless story within. And it also has a posh cloth cover, the better to rub your face against while crying hot, bitter tears of frustration at the very, very long wait still to come before "The Hunger Games" hits theaters in March 2012.

Not that we would ever do that.

In public.

And something else to slobber over: Movie tie-in editions, including "The Hunger Games: Movie Tie-In Edition" ($12.99), "The Hunger Games: Official Illustrated Movie Companion" ($18.99) and "The World of The Hunger Games" ($17.99) will be released February 2012.

Let the Games begin!

It's not too early: Are you going to put this gorgeous book on your holiday wishlist?