Jennifer Lawrence Will Sing 'Rue's Lullaby' For 'Hunger Games': We Dream Up 3 More Soundtrack Songs

Between keeping tabs on casting decisions and obsessing over Josh Hutcherson's pretty blond dye job, many "Hunger Games" fans hadn't given a whole lot of thought to what the movie would sound like. But composer T-Bone Burnett has, and last night, he revealed some exciting information about the music for the much-anticipated motion picture: Jennifer Lawrence, a.k.a. Katniss Everdeen herself, stepped into the studio and recorded a song to grace the film's soundtrack.

The song in question? "Rue's Lullaby," sung by Katniss in a heart-rending scene that takes place in the arena... and we won't say anything more, since we're practically weeping just thinking about it. And with the prettiness of Jennifer Lawrence's voice confirmed, we can probably hope for a similar musical treat when it comes time for "Mockingjay"! (The literate fans of the series should know what we're talking about; the rest of you will just have to wait.) But hey, why should Katniss get all the glory on the film's soundtrack? We've come up with three more musical entries (all in good fun!) that totally deserve some space within the score, and we can only hope that we'll be lucky enough to hear...

The Baker Boy's Lament

A ballad, sung by Peeta, in which he compares his love for Katniss to the burning, fiery heat of a thousand brick ovens. Features such emotionally wrenching lyrics as, "My heart's a loaf, burned black and gray/I'll feed it to the Mockingjay!"

Cato and Clove's Polka of Murder

The disturbing nature of the film's more graphic scenes will be tempered by this upbeat musical celebration of expert killing, featuring whimsical accordion riffs and a big oompah-oompah band.

The Ballad of Haymitch Abernathy

A rowdy drinking song by the movie's favorite drunkard, with lyrics that grow progressively raunchier as Haymitch continues to imbibe. Fortunately for all involved, Haymitch passes out in a pool of his own vom before the words reach unprintable levels of filth.

Which songs would you like to see on the soundtrack for "The Hunger Games"?