'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Touched By An 'A'-ngel'

Pretty Little LiarsIt's a testament to how tedious Aria and Ezra's clandestine relationship has become that I, an avowed Ezra lover, was excited by Miss Montgomery's smooch with Jason DiLaurentis last week. (Yes, the creepster who has snaps of Aria fast asleep hanging in his dank old shed.) But on last night's "Pretty Little Liars," Ezra finally showed signs of manning up, and I hearted him all over again for it.

Unable to reach Aria, Emily finally tracked her down in the school cafeteria to warn her about the freaky photos she and Spencer found at Jason's. "Okay, I'm officially terrified," Aria said with wide eyes (surprising that line hasn't been utter on this show before...) Aria tracked down Jason to confront him about the pics, while simultaneously implicating her friends for breaking and entering. Jason's story? Dearly departed sis Alison was actually the photographer. Jason said he found the roll of film in her room and developed it with plans to frame the images for Aria as a gift, albeit a weird gift. Now don't you just feel horridly stupid, Aria? But this being a bustling high school hallway, the duo's convo wasn't completely private; a lurking Jenna heard the entire thing.

With an optional college fair in full swing at Rosewood High, the liars used their bit of freedom to break from the hallways and get into a little trouble in the real world. Hanna took Mona to a dress fitting for her dad's upcoming nuptials, running into sis-to-be Kate at the bridal shop. The pretty prepster quickly won over Mona, and the trio agreed (to Hanna's chagrin) to have a friendly lunch date. Except, it turned into an equine extravaganza, complete with riding up jodhpurs and runaway horses. When Hanna and Mona regrouped at the club, Hanna blasted Kate, and by blasted I mean her insults were transmitted over a loud speaker for the entire grounds (and Kate) to hear.

Spencer, meanwhile, uncharacteristically decided to skip the college fair (she's been attending practically every year since junior high anyway) and spent the afternoon cleaning out Ian's belongings. (How did that dud duty fall to her?) Anyway! Amongst his things she found an old yearbook in which Ian listed "N.A.T. Club" as one of his extracurriculars. Huh? After some investigating, Spencer noticed both Jason and Officer Garrett listed the same made-up club in their yearbook entries. Cue the lucky discovery of a T-shirt with the club's name spelled out in Latin. Rough translation according to super-handy Bing? "We see all." Sounds like a certain texter we know...

...Speaking of which, stressed out Emily spent her afternoon getting a massage to relax. Except, instead of her massage therapist, Em got a rubdown from none other than A. In my book, this goes down as the creepiest thing A has done to date. (But kudos to "PLL" writers/producers for the using the incident to create the best episode title ever.) With a mental breakdown on the horizon, Emily agreed to revisit the girls' therapist to work through her issues.

Aria was seemingly the only liar who stayed around for the college fair—just long enough to see Ezra's ex try to get friendly with him. She decided to bolt and meet up with Jason so he could give her the framed prints. Seeing what was happening, Spencer sicked Ezra on Aria (but not before Mrs. Montgomery spied Spencer in Ezra's car and deduced they are having an affair). But back to Ezra. Finally. FINALLY! He came riding in in his shiny silver sedan to save Aria from Jason's clutches, declaring that Jason *may* not be a threat to Aria, but he sure is to Ezra. "It's time to tell people about us," he declared, suggesting they start with her parents. But it's all just talk. I need some action, Ezra. And soon.

As the episode drew to a close, we were treated to a one-member-short reunion of the T.N.A. Club, after Jenna told Garrett the liars knew about their relationship. Jason and Garrett shared a drink on Jason's porch. Are they our newest suspects for A? It's just all so complicated!

Do you think Ezra will finally tell the Montgomerys about him and Aria? What's the T.N.A. Club up to? And how evil do you think Hanna's step sister will become? Spill your thoughts and theories in the comments and on Twitter!

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