Hilary Duff Is Pregnant!

Hilary DuffHilary Duff, who I could've sworn was playing a tweenage heroine on the Disney Channel, like, yesterday, is officially on board the baby-making train! The definitely-no-longer-tween Hilary delighted the bump-watching masses this weekend when she announced that she's expecting a little Lizzie McGuire of her own with hockey-player husband Mike Comrie. (Unless the baby is a boy, in which case...Lizard McGuire? Yep, that works.)

The couple haven't confirmed yet exactly when their bundle of joy will arrive, but presumably Hilary has a few months left to prepare for her new role as a mom. And if she needs any advice, there's certainly a plethora of recently pregnant celebs she can turn to for help! Which famous ladies would have the best helpful hints for impending mommyhood? Here's our list:

For advice on: Balancing a baby with your career

We suggest: Natalie Portman

Natalie promoted multiple movies, attended all the awards shows and collected an Oscar—all while incubating the proverbial bun in her proverbial oven. Clearly, she knows how to work around a pregnancy.

For advice on: Maternity wear

We suggest: Heidi Klum

After managing multiple pregnancies alongside her hosting duties on "Project Runway," Heidi set the bar for staying stylish despite an increasingly-swollen abdomen.

For advice on: Losing the baby weight

We suggest: Miranda Kerr

Miranda was back in Victoria's Secret shape only a few short weeks after birth, making her a go-to girl for info on the post-baby body.

For advice on: Keeping the marital spark alive

We suggest: Angelina Jolie

Angelina has enough children to field her own baseball team, but she and Brad seem to be just as passionately ga-ga for each other as ever. Could international adoption be a little-known aphrodisiac? Someone should definitely ask.

Who would you phone first for celebrity baby advice?