New 'Abduction' Trailer: Taylor Lautner Is A Man Of Action

We're ready for the "Abduction" to begin!

A new minute-long trailer for Taylor Lautner's action-thriller has hit the web, and where the first was heavy on hero Nathan's backstory and his fledgling romance with classmate Karen (Lily Collins), this new glimpse is all action, all the time.

The clip opens with Nathan sparring with his dad (Jason Isaacs)—or at least the man he thinks is his dad. Though it appears the duo are simply working up a sweat, knowing Nathan's parents aren't who they seem, it's clear faux-father is training Nathan for unforeseen complications arising from his true identity. What follows in the rather sparse teaser is a quick click of gun fire, shattering glass and car explosions, culminating in that nifty scene where Taylor slides down a glass building. No big deal.

While I would have liked to have seen more Lily in this trailer, I know that its purpose isn't to win me over. So, girlfriends of the world, show this trailer to your boyfriends and clear your date calendar for September 23. He'll thank you for it.

Watch the trailer at Apple.

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