'Glee: The 3D Concert Movie' Cast Pick Biggest Flirt, More Superlatives

With "Glee: The 3D Concert Movie" set to delight audiences this weekend and three beloved cast members "graduating" at the end of the season, it's highly necessary that the whole cast finish things off with a bang. And what better way to do that than some classic, bona fide, high-school-style senior superlatives? So we took it to the whole "Glee" cast and asked them to name, off the cuff, their picks for a bunch of bests, worsts and most-likely-tos. (Only unlike our own high school class, we won't be crowning anyone with the self-esteem-shattering title of "Most Likely To End Up In Prison." Why are teenagers so MEAN?)

Most likely to mess up choreography

Harry Shum Jr., Heather Morris and Kevin McHale all say, "Cory [Monteith]," in unison. But Heather isn't sure: "Wait, but no. But yes? But... MARK," she says. Okay, that was too funny; we'll call it a draw.

Most likely to date a fan

This one's unanimous: "MARK," everyone says, all at once and over and over, until we get to the trio that actually includes Mark Salling. Ashley Fink looks sidelong at Mark; Mark looks embarrassed; and only Darren Criss doesn't get it. He looks over at Mark: "Really?"

Most likely to join the cast of "Jersey Shore"

Everyone's first pick for this one: Naya Rivera. Lea Michele enthusiastically throws in for Naya, but then stops: "Although, she's not Italian."

Uh-oh. Should Naya be DQed from this one due to lack of Italian cred? But everyone else seems to agree—because, as Darren says, "she brings some serious 'tude."

"FLAVOR," chimes in Ashley.

All right! But how about...

Biggest flirt

The answer: Cory, Cory, Cory.

"How YOU doin'?" Cory says, in response. Okay, dude, you win.

But when it comes down to the final, related superlative—best game—the crowd splits right down the middle. Cory, says one group! Darren, says another! But given Cory's dominance of the superlatives so far, it seems only fair to let Darren reign supreme on the girl-gaming front. And while we're at it, let's also crown him for Most Humble—he looks so surprised!

Who would you name for these "Glee" superlatives? Do you agree with the cast?