100 Monkeys EXCLUSIVE: Check Out Jackson Rathbone As A Puppet In Music Video Teaser!

Jackson RathboneYou already knew that Jackson Rathbone, "The Twilight Saga"'s sexy southern vampire, is also an accomplished musician and member of a band called 100 Monkeys (you have been following his Hollywood Crush EXCLUSIVE web diary, right?). But what you may not have know is that 100 Monkeys is about to release a super-mega-sexy music video for their song "Modern Times, Part 2," and not only is the music a boss mix of country twang, big vocals, and brass accents...

...but it's got puppets in it. PUPPETS! As you can plainly see in our EXCLUSIVE peep at the video's teaser! Which, in addition to little men on strings, appears to involve some major drama of the Old West variety. There's a drink-slinging saloon bartender, a high noon showdown and...is that puppet beating up a piano with his gun? (Check out the video after the jump!)

Why, yes. Yes, he is. But we'll have to wait til Friday for the full video to debut on 100 Monkeys' YouTube—and to find out if this town is, in fact, big enough for the both of us.

Check out 100 Monkeys' official website for upcoming tour dates!

Update: The full video is now live on YouTube! Check it out!

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