Will You Read The Kardashian-Penned Novel 'Dollhouse'?

Kardashian's DollhouseIs there anything the Kardashian sisters can't do? Well...yes, probably. (For instance, we've yet to see them shoot lighting bolts out of their ears or display their fantabulous bullfighting skills.) But the ubiquitous Kim, Kourtney and Khloe can add another claim to their growing list of occupations: novelists! People reports that the famous trio is officially on board to release a book this fall called "Dollhouse"—a sordid little story about a glamorous family in the celebrity spotlight.

Hmmmmm. Does this sound like anyone you know?

But fortunately, there's no need to play guessing games if the book—which comes out in November—features a familiar trio of shapely sisters named Biff, Billy and Bambi Barbashian; the girls readily admit that their lives are the jumping-off point for the fictional tale. But, per a statement on Kim's blog, "You'll have to decide for yourself which story lines are true to life, and which ones we dreamed up."

Okay! Personally, we have decided that the whole entire thing is based on unequivocal fact... particularly that part about the professional wrestler, the pet ferret and the chocolate fountain. (Oh, that's not in there? Well whatever, it's STILL TOTALLY TRUE.) But more importantly, y'all, is anyone going to read this cheetah-printed piece of literary genius? You tell us!