'Nanny Diaries' Possibly Headed For TV: Would You Watch?

Nanny DiariesSad, but true: Sometimes Hollywood needs to take a few good swings at some promising source material before it gets it right. (Not to be confused with the times that the source material is so freakin' fabulous that it can be done a hundred times over and still be fantastic. Isn't it about time for another remake of "Pride and Prejudice"?) So we're not too surprised to hear that the bestselling "The Nanny Diaries" is getting another look from the producing powers that be—this time for TV, and with "Gilmore Girls" creator Amy Sherman-Palladino working the script!

TV Guide reports that ABC is looking at turning the literary drama about the trials and tribulations of upper-crust nannying into a new show—the book's second outing on screen after the earlier (and sadly not-so-well-received) movie adaptation starring Scarlett Johansson. And "The Nanny Diaries" should easily fill the void left by the now-defunct CW series "Privileged," good news for those of us who adore a good story about snooty rich kids and the nannies who love (or love to hate) them.

But is this material too tired to support yet another Hollywood go? Or is the second time the charm? ...We have no idea! So, you tell us: Will you be checking out the new reboot of "The Nanny Diaries"? Vote in our poll below and tell us what you think in the comments!

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